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Monroe County Parks and Recreation

COVID-19 Guidelines

Monroe County Recreation Department Reopening & Event Guidelines


A.     Summer Camps

-          Adhere to the 32 guidelines in compliance with the Executive Order (Page 23 and 24 of Executive Order)

-          All camps will be limited to 15 campers and no more than 5 staff and/or instructors

-          Campers will be dropped off at the door or field entrance allowing parents to stay in the car

-          Staff will use tablets for signing campers in and out for the day

-          All campers will be required to wear a mask, provided each day, while attending camps

-          Temperature checks, using a touchless thermometer, will be done when campers and instructors arrive each day prior to joining groups

-          If a camper is absent or sent home, approval by MCRD staff is required before allowing the camper to return to camp

-          A staggered schedule for camps using the Youth Center will be followed allowing, at minimum, 30 minutes in between for cleaning and disinfecting

-          If multiple camps are utilizing the recreation facilities, indoor and/or outside, specific restrooms will be designated for each group

-          In the event a camp, must move inside due to unforeseen circumstances, the Youth Center gym will be divided in half to separate campers and a different entrance/exit will be used as well as restrooms


B.      Basketball / Free Play in Youth Center Gym

-          Temperature checks, using a touchless thermometer, will be done when players arrive prior to joining groups

-          Scheduled one-hour time slots on Sundays with a 30-minute closure in between for cleaning and disinfecting

-          Reservations required for each time slot prior to use

-          Maximum of 20 people in the gym, with no more than 10 on each half court

-          No changing of court or add ins once groups established regardless of numbers

-          Hand sanitizer will be placed at entrance and sign in table

-          Any pens used to sign in/out will be disinfected after each use.

-          Restricted access to Youth Center lobbies and restroom during basketball/ free play to those participating during reserved time slot

-          Front lobby restrooms and water fountains will be designated for use during basketball/free play times

-          Water fountain will require participants to bring a refillable bottle to minimize cross contamination of the fountain


C.      Reserving Pavilions

-          Upon rental, usage guidelines will be reviewed and agreed upon before rental can commence

-          Guidelines for use will be posted on all pavilions

-          Group gatherings must adhere to local, state, and federal government guidelines on social distancing


D.     Playground

-          Signs will be posted that the use of playground is at own risk

-          Playground equipment will be sprayed at the beginning and end of work day

-          Adhere to social distancing guidelines in and around playground area


E.      Practices on MCRD Fields

-          Equipment bags should be placed along the fence line with ample space between each bag

-          Sharing of equipment is highly discouraged, but if equipment is shared, it must be sanitized before and after each use

-          No water coolers for team use.  Each player needs to have his/her own drink/bottle

-          Dugouts are not to be used

-          Only one team allowed on field at a time (maximum 20 people including coaches)

-          No scrimmaging with other teams regardless of numbers

-          Small groups during practice is encouraged to help adhere to social distancing

-          Small groups/groupings need to remain the same during the duration of practice

-          Batting cages are for single use (one player/one coach/parent)

F.    Exercise Room

-          Adhere to the social distancing guidelines and be mindful of others
-          Temperature checks, using touchless thermometer, will be done upon arrival before entering exercise room
-          Equipment wiped down before and after each use
-          MCRD Staff will monitor number of people in Exercise Room at one time